Metallic Eco Confetti - Rainbow-Eco Confetti

Metallic Eco Confetti - Rainbow

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Love your sparkle and shine but don't want the guilt of plastic confetti? We've got great news for you! Metallic Eco Confetti get it's sparkle and shine from the cellulose of responsibly farmed eucalyptus trees and will break down just like a leaf. 

Metallic Eco Confetti is:

  • 1cm in diameter with a hexagonal shape
  • Home compostable which means it breaks down in any environment without the need for commercial compost or recycling plants.
  • Non toxic and even certified for cosmetic use so it’s safe to use on your skin
  • Very stable and will not biodegrade on your shelf. The confetti will breakdown when in contact with soil or waste environments where micro-organisms are present
  • Flammable (keep away from open fire and direct heat sources).