How much confetti do I need?

How much confetti do you need?

Well, that depends on the type of confetti you need, and how you will be sharing it amongst your guests. Below is a handy guide to help you work out how much you might need.

Eco Confetti sustainable confetti cones:

  • Tissue paper confetti - 5g per standard sized cone
  • Tissue paper & metallic confetti mix - 5g per standard sized cone
  • Metallic confetti - 10g per small sized cone
  • Rice paper confetti - 15g per standard cone
  • Petals - 1/4 cup per small sized cone

Eco Confetti translucent compostable glassine bags:

  • Tissue paper confetti - 5g to 10g per bag
  • Tissue paper & metallic confetti mix - 5g to 10g per bag
  • Metallic confetti - 10g per bag
  • Rice paper confetti - 10g per bag
  • Petals - 1/4 cup per bag

Guests take a handful from a basket:

  • Tissue paper confetti - 10g per guest
  • Tissue paper & metallic confetti mix - 10g per guest
  • Metallic confetti - 15g per guest
  • Rice paper confetti - 15g per guest
  • Petals - 1/3 cup per guest

Using your own cones?

Simply fill one of your cones with rice. Measure the volume of rice used to work out how much confetti you will need per cone. For example, if you needed 1/2 a cup of rice to fill your cone, you will need 1/2 cup of confetti. Although the materials are different, they still measure the volume in the same manner. Then, you can just work out how many cones you have and multiply that by the measurement of rice.

For example, 20 people x 1/2 cup each = 10 cups of confetti