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Eco Confetti Metallic+Tissue Paper & Cones for Lauren

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Ready for you to fill, each pack contains:

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10 standard sized natural confetti cones with 50g of confetti. Each 50g portion contains 37g of 1cm circle tissue paper confetti and 13g of 1cm hexagonal metallic confetti.

Once fluffed, 5g will fill your cone nicely to the top. Each 50g portion contains 38g of 1cm circle tissue paper confetti and 12g of 1cm hexagonal metallic confetti.

We do not recommend any more than 5g per cone will not easily leave the cone or will clump as it comes out as you'll need to pack it down to fit extra into the cone.

Eco info:

  • Metallic confetti is biodegradable/home compostable, vegan, safe for cosmetic use and made from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees.
  • Tissue paper confetti is biodegrade/home compostable, non toxic and made from FSC certified materials.
  • Our natural confetti cones are biodegradable/home compostable, chemical free and made from sustainably sourced pine.