Rice Paper Eco Confetti - White-Eco Confetti
Rice Paper Eco Confetti - White-Eco Confetti

Rice Paper (Water Dissolving) - White

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High quality Eco Confetti Rice Paper is currently on sale to make way for new confetti options. Buy now or you may miss out as we will not be replacing this confetti.

Water soluble Rice Paper Eco Confetti is perfect for venues where confetti, flower petals or rice may not generally be allowed. Beautiful in photographs with its fluttery fall but also thin enough to dissolve with rain within a few hours! 

Rice Paper Eco Confetti is:

  • 2cm x 5cm in diameter with a rectangular shape
  • Easily dissolved by water rain
  • Produced from FSC certified sustainable plant materials
  • Non toxic
  • Best used outdoors and away from walkways as it can leave a slippery film when first wet
  • Not suitable for use in rain as it may colour clothing when first wet.
  • Flammable (keep away from open fire and direct heat sources).