Tissue Paper Eco Confetti - Pink-Eco Confetti

Tissue Paper Eco Confetti - Pink

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Tissue Paper Eco Confetti is a delightful way to involve your friends and family in the celebration of your marriage. Light and floaty, it breaks down quickly when exposed to the elements or water.  However, best of all our confetti is dainty and fluffy, ready for use! That's right, you won't spend hours separating compacted tubes of confetti like other products, our confetti is celebration ready from the moment you open it!

Tissue Paper Eco Confetti is:

  • 1cm in diameter with a circular shape
  • Loose and separated (100% clump free!)
  • Produced from FSC sustainable certified materials
  • Home compostable which means it breaks down in any environment without the need for commercial compost or recycling plants.
  • Non toxic
  • Flammable (keep away from open fire and direct heat sources)